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If you would like to obtain a permanent residence permit for you and your family in one of the world’s favorite places to live, then you have come to the right place.

To look at the big picture, there are two groups of countries offering residency permits:

  • Anglo-saxon or English speaking countries like the USA, Canada and Australia
  • The European Union with countries like Latvia, France, Spain or the UK.

The first group is now less friendly than a year ago! Obtaining residency permits is possible but more difficult or more expensive than it used to be. Canada has closed its most popular program of financial investment. Contact us to find out how you can still obtain a permit.

The second group, the European Union is becoming more friendly with more countries offering permits and in general a permit is less expensive.

Based on the experience of our global team, with legal advisers and lawyers as well as property and investment experts located in each of the countries we cover, you will benefit from a 20 year track record in providing immigration services around the world, from Asia to Africa and Latin America as well as Russia.

So now is the time to discover how your life will be changed by a residency permit, so contact us now!

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